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Huge Gains for LibDems

by johnpotter on 30 August, 2019

The local elections in May 2019 will be remembered as the point where the LibDems surged back into British politics. Nationally we elected 1,352 councillors and gained 705 new seats while the Conservatives were crushed all over the country and Labour lost seats as well. This trend was reflected in Preston as well with the LibDems swept across the North and West of the city.

Labour retained control of Preston City Council but with the Conservatives in free fall the Liberal Democrats in Preston have stepped up to be the real opposition in Preston. What was clear from the thousands of doors we knocked on that both Labour & Conservative voters were frustrated at the shambles in Westminster and were choosing to back the team that put local resident first and foremost.

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  1. Sibte says:

    What was Ben Wallace’s lead over Lib Dem candiidate in the ladt election. Have you closed the gap?? & how?

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