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LibDems Lead the Fight Against a No Deal Brexit

by johnpotter on 30 August, 2019

Preston Liberal Democrat Councillor Tony Raisbeck has put forward a motion to Preston Council calling on MPs to reject a No Deal Brexit and to help EU residents in Preston who might be affected by it.

With the chaotic and reckless approach by the new Boris Johnson government, its important that councillors and councils say in one voice that the government has no mandate for a dangerous and economically disastrous No Deal.

Liberal Democrat Greyfriars Ward Councillor Tony Raisbeck said, “Like lots of people across the country I was a Labour supporter but Brexit changed everything and only the LibDems were saying what needed to be said. Three years later the LibDems are still the strongest Remain party.”

Tony added, “Brexit is and will be the biggest issue affecting this country & this city for years and years to come. During the referendum no one was calling for a no deal Brexit because everyone knew it would be terrible for the country. As councillors we need to protect our residents and a no deal Brexit will hurt the people in Preston.”

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  1. Martin Domleo says:

    The population density of Scotland is 60 persons per square kilometer (Scotland Record Office 2005).
    The population density of England is 430 persons per square km.
    Do you think these figures have any bearing on attitudes to immigration in these two places?

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