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Liberal Democrats Announce Snap General Election Candidates

by johnpotter on 2 September, 2019

Cllr Neil Darby and Cllr John Potter

Two experienced local councillors have been selected to fight for the Liberal Democrats in Preston if a snap General Election is called before May.

Leader of the Preston LibDems Cllr John Potter will, for a third time, take on Government Defence Minister Ben Wallace in the Wyre & Preston North seat.

Cllr John Potter said, “There is no getting away from it that when or if a snap General Election occurs then it will be about Brexit and in particular a no deal Brexit. Ben Wallace’s conversion from a moderate pro-European Tory to a swivel-eyed Brexiteer is now complete. He knows that a No Deal Brexit will be a disaster for Britain and his constituents in Wyre & Preston North. However he is willing to forget that, and even support suspending Parliament, just to get around Boris Johnson’s Cabinet table.”

Cllr Potter added, “The Liberal Democrats are the strongest Remain party as proven by the recent local and European elections. Myself and my party will never stop campaigning to do what’s best for our residents and that means fighting to stop Brexit.”

Jane Dodds MP with John Potter during the Brecon By-Election

With rumours continuing that Sir Mark Hendrick MP is to stand down or be deselected by the local Labour party Cllr Neil Darby, Deputy Leader of the Preston LibDems, will be challenging for the Preston Constituency.

Cllr Neil Darby said, “Labour should have been a key player in the Brexit saga but instead they’ve sat on the sidelines trying to look both ways on the issue. Every Labour MP* in Lancashire, including Mark Hendrick, foolishly voted to trigger Article 50 without any clue how or what the Conservative Government was going to negotiate for with the EU. The threat of a nightmare No Deal Brexit is a direct consequence of that terrible decision.”

Cllr Neil Darby with local LibDem supporters

Cllr Darby added, “We’ve seen in the last few years that every vote counts in Parliament and the people of Preston can’t risk sending another Labour MP that’s just going to sit on the fence or even worse follow Jeremy Corbyn’s pro Brexit stance. If you want Britain to have a People’s Vote and if you want a party that will wholehearted campaign to remain in the EU then you need to join our campaign and vote Liberal Democrat.”

*Chorley MP as deputy speaker is neutral

Cllr Potter, Darby and Craven knocking on doors speaking to residents

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