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The Green Guild City

by johnpotter on 16 February, 2020

The Preston Liberal Democrats have launched their vision for a greener, healthier and more prosperous Preston with their submission to the Central Lancashire Local Plan consultation.

The local LibDems plan, called The Green Guild City, features ambitious targets and goals to transform Preston into a modern, 21st century city with tackling climate change at its core.

Leader of the Preston Liberal Democrats Cllr John Potter said, “The next local plan will continue until 2036 so we to be bold and clear about the direction for our city and Central Lancashire as a whole.”

“Policies such as zero carbon houses, greater tree planting and electric car charging points in all new homes will not only help tackle climate change but also lead to cheaper energy bills, better air quality and make our communities more attractive places to live and work.”

“We realise that local councils can’t do all this on their own and will need support from the private sector, cooperatives and Government to make this work but in showing our goals we can get the ball rolling to build the city we want to see in the future.”

Key policies include:

* All new homes to be zero carbon homes

* All new developments to have at least 35% affordable homes

* The new Cottam Parkway Railway Station to be built as soon as possible.

* Electric vehicle charging points in all new homes

* Aim for a net zero carbon construction footprint with climate change mitigation measures on every new development.

* New developments must add a net gain in bio-diversity and nature with particular consideration to indigenous species, bee corridors, living walls and hedgehog friendly construction

* A brand new special school for disabled and vulnerable children to be incorporated into one of the new schools built in the City.

* New cycle & walking routes into city with all new developments to have dedicated routes as part of their planning approval.

To download our summary document click this link:

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