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Lib Dems call on Ben Wallace MP to support Govt review on no deal impact assessments in light of pandemic

by johnpotter on 29 June, 2020

Preston & Wyre LibDem Councillors and Campaigners Alex Warren & Conner Kiernan have written to Ben Wallace MP asking him to back calls for a review of the no-deal Brexit impact assessments in light of the threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

Full Letter below:

Dear Ben Wallace MP,

On Friday 12th June, at the second Joint Committee meeting, the Government formally rejected the option to extend the transition period. The EU have made it clear that they would still be open to an extension and that the progress made so far on key areas of the Brexit negotiations is insufficient. The deadline for requesting an extension is 1st July 2020, after which point the UK faces the possibility of crashing out of the EU if a deal is not secured before the end of the year.

The country is already battling with Covid-19. Our resources are stretched and the most vulnerable in our society have been those most affected by the health and economic impacts of the pandemic.

In April alone, the country’s economy shrank by 20.4% in April – the largest monthly contraction on record. The full devastation of the pandemic is yet to be revealed: widespread job losses, reduced living standards, and debt are certain.

Considering this, the Liberal Democrats are calling for you to support our calls for the Government to publish a review of the impact assessments done in Autumn of 2019, to understand full the impact Covid – 19 has had, particularly in the following areas:

The availability of food products and any subsequent impact on food prices
The availability of medicines and the impact coronavirus has had on medicine stockpiles
The ability of essential products, materials, and chemicals to be imported from the EU
The ability of British businesses to prepare for a potential no deal, and any subsequent impact on employment

The Liberal Democrats would also like to see the government undertake an economic assessment on the impact of no deal. The Government refused to initiate one last Autumn, but this is crucial considering the financial situation the UK is in due to the coronavirus crisis.

The Government must demonstrate that they have fully assessed the impact of crashing out without a deal, in light of the pandemic. Tackling the pandemic must be their priority, yet the threat of a no-deal Brexit looms large and could deliver another devastating blow to our already weakened economy and public services.

As the Prime Minister continues to refuse to rethink his position on accepting an extension to the transition period, it is time the facts were laid bare about what this will mean for our country.

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